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 - The 7th Social Aviculture ATA Show
 - The end of the year school
 - The 8th Social Aviculture ATA Show
 - Praga International Ovine Show

Team of Gallo Nero

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Guards at the entrance of the castle

International Ovine Show
12-13-14 november 2004

By Pierantoni Simone
- Lara Fanti

Praga a city build on seven hills, divided by a river and connected by 16 bridges.

At the international show there was more than 15000 animals between geese, cooks hens , ducks , and turkeys etc…

They were divided in two big buildings, in very looked after gages.


A third building was used for the stands from the different countries that had participated and to the selling of products for the ovine breeding.

It was a pity for our Italian breed, that being breeded excusably  by Italian breeders, they did not receive any acknowledgement as “Breed champion”.

Anyway a lot of animals received some good votes.

Next year the show will take place in Germany. Look out Europe we Italian breeders are preparing our self’s and there will be nothing for anybody else.

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The Gallo Nero's girls at the FIAV stand

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The Gallo Neros boys and girls at Praga

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Pragas Ovine show