Il "Gallo Nero" del Chianti torna a cantare

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The Authors 


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Focardi with some of  the  Projects students

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The “Gallo Neros” students

“Gallo Nero” project began in 2003. The work to recuperate the Florence Agriculture Institutes Aviculture sector structures was accomplished with the hard work on behalf of the 3rd, 4th and 5th year students.

Fabrizio Focardi donated to the school some Valdarno breed specimens among which there is the beautiful Adolf.
Their work is constantly followed by Prof. Mario Giannone and by the Profess Franca Nardi.

Prof. Giannone is the Zootechny teacher let alone the Tuscany Biological producers co-ordainment’s Zootechny adviser.
Profess Franca Nardi the technical practical teacher in the Zootechny exercise, looks after also the Entomologic green house in which has been started a silkworm breeding project.

Inside the area of the project the 5th D 2003/04 class students, Prof. Marco Savaterra and the Profess. Franca Nardi are concerned with the “Gallo Nero” promotion. A web site and Brochures for show equipment and fair participations has been set up.

Every year the three-year students collaborate with the Tuscany Aviculture Association in organizing an Aviculture social show, which is held at the Institute.

The Zootechny three-year students have continued working in the hen houses amplification and accommodation, in the cure and cleaning of the animals.

Simone Pierantoni the project director and Matteo Bonechi, the administrative secretary are working daily to make sure that every thing is proceeding in the best way.

In spring  began again the delicate reproduction period, which made it necessary to equip a building where to put the incubators and the chicken houses for the newly born in their first 40 days of life.


Simone and Matteo at the Aviculture exposition

Students at work