Il "Gallo Nero" del Chianti torna a cantare

The Project

The Authors

The Breeds

The Project Point


The Point 


The arches in the open air tunnels

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Fabrizio Focardi with Adolf

The Project's Point

The first operative phase , started on different levels, which saw the students recuperating the constructions.

The old  greens  tunnels were reconverted for open air chicken breeding.

Then we went on to the reproductive research, some were donated by Fabrizio Focardi, and to the group formation.

In the spring of  2003 the egg  incubation started with the bird of our chicks.

Unfortunately in June 2003  the  project stopped abruptly: A violent hail storm  destroyed the Agrario henhouse  damaging vary plants and part of the structure.


Many chicks died ( more then a hundred ), with a great genetic patrimony lost.

A real disaster!

While continuing the every day work with the animals (feeding , vaccinations, cleaning, etc.).

New structures were being projected. In particular two new big arches were made in wood with a Plexiglas covering for the care of  more than a hundred simples.

More than a hundred chicks are already born and the bigger ones (round about five to six weeks old ) are already settled in the vast open air tunnels.

When this  phase is finished it will start the insertion of subject groups into the original cradle land: The Chianti.

Tunnel with arch

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Alessia in the feeding area

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Elisa in the incubating area