Il "Gallo Nero" del Chianti torna a cantare

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The Breeds 


Valdarno and Livorno chick at 6th day

Barbara with Mario, Valdarno rooster

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Valdarno hens

The “Gallo Nero” project object is to valuate the 2 prestige Tuscany breeds: The black Livorno and the Valdarno.
They both have a beautiful black plumage but many are the characteristics.
That differs the two breeds.

Valdarno breed

The original breed is now extinct. The existing breed is across between Bresse and an autochthon breed in the Senese county found by Gabriele Fratalocchi.

A breed that has a double advantage, eggs and an excellent meat quality.

Medium size, not a very big bone structure and a weight that varies between 2,6-3,0 kg for the rooster and 2,3-2,5 kg for the hen.

Comb: Simple, big, fleshy, with five or six teeth and perfectly straight in the rooster, bent on the side in the hen.

Beak. Black long and sturdy.

Beard: Long and red.

Ears: Big and oval.

Feathers: long and sparkling.

Tail: the plumes upward slanted to form an angle of 65°-70°.

Skin, Legs Claws: White.

(Visit the official standard of the Valdarno breed)

  Poultry Breeds

Livorno black breed

The Livorno  breed or “ Italian Chicken” is internationally  know by the name Leghorn  with its many various colours coats, which are defuse in all the world.

A specialized breed in egg production.

Medium size, with not a big bone structure.

Weight – Between 2,0 - 2,5 kg for the rooster and 1,7 - 2,0 kg for the hen.

Comb – Simple , red well developed and a medium length, with 5 teeth, equally distant between them, with an equal length worn straight in the rooster and bent from the third tooth onwards in the hen.

Beck – Usually Strong, with medium length and slightly bent.

Beard – Oval of medium length.

Eyes – White.

Plumage – Large feathers , closely fitted to the body , without cushions and with a thick feathering.

Tail – Worn low , that forms an 35°-45° angle. Yellow  tarsus and yellow skin.

(Visit the official standard of the Livorno breed)

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Livorno black rooster

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Livorno black hens